What is the

“Fourth” Trimester?

  • Pregnancy traditionally focuses on three trimesters.
  • Centering has been show to help reduce preterm birth.
  • Preterm birth means the infant is born before the due date, which can be life threatening to both mother and infant.
  • Preterm birth can be prevented by care provided to the mother throughout the first, second and third trimesters.
  • The “Fourth” Trimester refers to the six weeks following birth of the baby.

What Makes Shadyside’s

Centering Program Different?

  • The FHC has created a unique program called “May the 4th Be With You”.
  • This program focuses on care during pregnancy to reduce common medical issues seen during the “fourth” trimester.
  • Over 12 sessions, the program has shown to be a major success.
    • Lower rates of complications during pregnancy.
    • Lower rates of delivery complications are proven.
    • Increase breast feeding rates are increased among mothers who complete centering.
    • Reduced preterm delivery is reduced among women in our Centering class.

Award Winning

Program at

NO Cost to YOU!

  • We won FIRST PLACE for the “Best Innovative Quality Improvement Project” in 2021 Quality and Patient Safety Fair hosted by Shadyside Hospital.
  • This program is funded by the Shadyside Hospital Grant Foundation Program.
  • This means mothers and their partners enrolled in the course do not pay for classes.
  • On top of this, if you are a patient at Shadyside’s Family Health Center, then your centering classes will take the place of normal OB appointments.
  • This means less time in the waiting room, and more time with the doctor and centering instructors.

What We Are

Focusing On Next

  • We know racial disparity in pregnancy care exist.
  • According to the CDC, preterm birth was the highest among black in 2019.
  • The preterm delivery in 2019 rate among black women in 2019 was 14%, which is two times higher than white women.
  • In Shadyside’s Centering Pregnancy Program, 52% of our moms are black while 27% are white.
  • If the Centering Pregnancy Program at Shadyside is able able to prevent one preterm birth, that is making a different in our community.

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